She is nuts...and thats putting it lightly

So her being her..............its hard to deal with.. has been all my life..............resorts to doing stupid stuff.....stuff I should express more with wife but feel i need look like am in control.......yet all in my mind i am unraveling... wishing to hold sasha and tell her..but still dont want to show i am not as strong as i am..

My mom is really as bad as I say...these words in all honestly
shes immature, shes, shes a child, shes uncaring, she a bitch, shes mean..shes heartless, shes nuts
she needs to stay on her meds regulary and get new ones..

no this not the typical My mom is nuts..yadda yadda yadda..

my mom is nuts......

i want my kids to have a christmas. and by fucking damn i will fight with that cunt every damn fucking day  until we move out to give my kids the fucking christmas they DESERVE

and if she turns the heat off one my time i am going start stealing the dials off the thermastat


My god shes gone coocoo for coco puffs
shes makes no sense
she makes up shit
its silly

"this room stinks" umm I am eating freaking a pastrami and SOURKRAUT sandwhich

and what in the world makes her think that kids never make messes? my god
kids spill shit.. its part of kids being kids
or her little way to act like shes not bitching by bringing something dumb up like one of the kids did somehting cute but actually mean they did somthing she d

going to suck for them once we move out

she wont see the kids anymore
they wont have their little slaves anymore

and we will be happy....


No job is driving me nuts

been too lazy last couple weeks
need to step it up a bit

18$hour job
shoot high and hope to come close

I want MY own house

The meeting

she yelled
she yelled some more
I brought up truth
she changed the subject
she yelled
she yelled
I again told her truth
mouth gapes open
and changes subject
she does that a few times
then told me i dont work until after next meeting which is tuesday
which she will decide if she wants to fire me or not

so get home called spirit mountain to set up the interview

1 week

think I am going to take a 1 week vacation from work

sounds like a good idea

and was fun to yell at my boss today


Sonic Is now open in Hillsboro
corner of cornelius pass road and cornell

enjoy a nice long long line for some good food