Michael (maburnham) wrote,

hope it was worth it...

so we been moved out all of hmm 1month ..not even that
we told them we are going to move things out slowly so we can get them put away cause its a smaller place and things need to be done that way..
oh no
from "you guys cant move out" to pretty much "get the fuck out"
she keeps forcing us to dump all are stuff here and not chance going through or putting it away
yesterday was taking ahm to school and drove by and she had put some of our stuff with personal information in them even outside
and she thinks its okay..whats worse is the file cabitnet had a lot of ahmbras personal stuff.. and just a couple days ago some girl was almost kidnapped just on other side of my parents 5th wheel..bah

she treats all are shit like shit
she bitches bout sasha never goes over there..
well duh she has a meth head felon living there
she said its ok for our house to be trashed because she wants that room back.

so in the next few days once rest of stuff is out of their.. they are getting cut off from the kids..
kids dont need to be around that nutcase again for more nutcase stuff go to whywehavetomove.livejournal.com

i could go more into her but i dont want to...

so the job is going good the managers love me and been trained a lot.. already seemed to be being groomed to advance which is nice to see them notice how well i work.. so lots a potential at this new job

So since cutting my parents out o fmy life.. i got a lot on my mind.. 3 people are my family and they mean the world to me..they make me happy..they make me whole.. i love each and every one of them

I miss sasha all the time at work..I donno seems like for awhile i was soo distant and now all i wanna do is be close and snuggle with her.. shes such a perfect person in my eyes...and she puts up with my shit.. hehehe

tax return time. and the fun it will bring............
going to first get a comuter car.. something like a honda civic or somthing that gets 25+mpg
we got a whole list of household things we need
deffinatly a new telephone since are home phone pretty much useless
save a 1000$ or so for this summer then add another 1200$ to that with the stimulus package checks which should comeout right before summer for family stuff/vacations or wahtever sasha wants
and the thing sasha doesnt want me to get but my computer is old and in need of upgrade so i am going ot upgrade it. spend too much. but its just time for an upgrade.. *see she puts up with my shit*

think thats all
i am tired
its 5am..
and i am upset
need sasha snuggles so later
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