Michael (maburnham) wrote,

the new job

So I have been working a month now...
already might be getting a slight promotion to audit "fill in" go me go...
2nd I love our truck but I need my tax returns to be enough to get a comuter car or it has to go..
between driving to work and back and having to 2 times a day to mcminnville and back..its too much of a gas hog to drive this much
its rediculous how 60bucks in gas bearly last 3 days
our new house is awesome.. cause its a home.. with out the nutcase..
speaking of her.. she went from "you cant move out" to basicly "get your shit and get hte fuck outta here"
we now have issues with our storage unit and them causing alot of our shit to get covered in mold including a mold/mildew resistant microfiber couch..yea gotta wait til monday to hear back from them

so all in all things are good
once we get everything out of parents out
cutting ties for a bit...
we need some family time with just us
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