Michael (maburnham) wrote,

Happy Holidays

From ME to YOU...............................................

and as figured...I work......today
worst schedule


kids got to wait until 6:00 to open presents


to make things worse...my mother..decides to have kyndle over for the night to open presents in the morning.... umm so sasha and misha have to, hope to, sleep threw them opening presents..I myself find that VERY rude my mom to pull this knowing I am at work til late and Ahmbra is at her dads til the afternoonish...I understand Scott opening presents because he goes back..but their was no reason for her to have kyndle over..

and another quick story of coocoo for cocoa puffs mother. Yesterday sasha said she was giving cody a bath and was in the bathroom doing so with door shut..my mom then took kyndle and scott and left misha out in living room by herself and didnt tell sasha they were leaving and sasha was in bathroom assuming my mom was watching misha for hte bit why she was giving cody his bath...

we got money to move out

just need to find a place

and fuck you mother.. you are seriously a rotten person and when we cut ties.. I hope you see the shit you done..
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